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2009 PCN Release Date and Information

Date Description
11/30/2009 PCN notice for the MX945GSE industrial Mini ITX motherboard with Atom N270 processor.  The BIOS adds broader support for common LCD panels and enables 6 COM ports versus two on the previous revision.  [Download Notice]
10/15/2009 PCN notice for the MX945GME Mini ITX motherboard slightly adjusting two resistor values.  We do not anticipate this change having any negative impact on existing customers.  The purpose of the change is to add additional margin in the power area of the board to add stability for systems using power supplies close to the minimum power budget. [Download Notice]
08/19/2009 PCN notice for the BI250-945GSE barebone. The new version replaces DVI with VGA and add additional Gigabit LAN.
07/28/2009 PCN notice for the MX945GSE industrial Mini ITX motherboard which uses the Intel low powered Atom N270 processor and 945GSE chipset.  This is a minor passive component change to address an issue with some mini-PCIe cards not being properly recognized when inserted into the mini-PCIe socket of the MX945GSE.  There is no BIOS or software change impacted by this modification. [Download Notice]
06/22/2009 PCN notice for the BCM RX965Q Micro-ATX motherboard. This change is to remove IDE support. As you may know IDE was never natively supported by the Intel® Q965 Express Chipset due to the growing adoption of SATA technology for data storage and optical devices. To help bridge the transition from IDE to SATA BCM was able to continue to provide IDE through the onboard USB 2.0 using a third part USB-to-IDE bridge chip. That chip has been discontinued so BCM will no longer provide IDE support on the RX965Q. [Download Notice]
06/16/2009 PCN notice for the BCM RX35Q advanced uATX industrial motherboard. This BIOS change adds support for USB device emulation as well as updates the onboard boot ROM. The RX35Q is an Intel Q35 Industrial Micro ATX motherboard and supports the Intel Q35 LGA 775 Core 2 Quad/ Core 2 Duo/ Pentium D processors with 800/1066/1333 MHz FSB. The RX35Q is also FCC and UL certified available as a barebone system or a complete industrial PC. [Download Notice]
06/09/2009 PCN notice for the BC35Q advanced industrial ATX motherboard adding new features and addressing a software compatibility issue.  

The BC35Q is a high-end ATX motherboard supporting the  Intel® Core™ 2 Quad/ Core™ 2 Extreme/ Core™ 2 Duo LGA 775 Socket with 800/1066/1333 MHz FSB and has two PCIe x 16 sockets (one with x4 support) and is ideal for any computing solution requiring high-end performance and flexible expansion such as security surveillance systems. [Download Notice]

04/13/2009 PCN notice for the MX965GME Mini ITX motherboard to update the standard BIOS for the MX965GME. [Download Notice]
04/06/2009 PCN notice for the MX965GME Mini ITX motherboard adding additional foam installation to the CPU retention back plate.  This PCN relates to MX965GME accessories only and should have no impact on your use or application of the MX965GME motherboard. [Download Notice]
03/25/2009 PCN notice for the RX965QV uATX motherboard changing the BIOS from 1.00 to 1.01 for standard products. The BIOS changes include adding chassis intrusion support as well as addressing a typo in the wording within the BIOS menu.  These changes should have no impact on customers’ software images or require any driver changes.  Customers that do not wish to change their BIOS can continue to use BIOS 1.00.  The new BIOS 1.01 will soon be available for downloading from the BCM website and is planned to be implemented into the standard RX965QV product through a running change. [Download Notice]

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