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2011 PCN Release Date and Information

Date Description
09/29/2011 Packaging / Accessory change notice for the MX45GM and MX45GM2 industrial motherboards. The change pertains to adding a second source for the CPU heatsink (metal only) to ensure consistent availability and reasonable lead-times. Functionally the two heatsinks are identical. The CPU cooling fan will be the same for both heatsinks. [Download PDF - MX45GM2], [Download PDF - MX45GM]
09/02/2011 BIOS PCN to increase the compatibility of the MX525DC mini ITX motherboard with a broader range of USB hubs. [Download PDF]
08/10/2011 PCN for the MX45GM mini ITX motherboard. This notice is to pre-advise our MX45GM customers that the MX45GM will undergo a hardware change to comply with the UL Second Edition requirements.  Specifically adding a fuse to the DVI port and reducing the fuse size on the USB ports.  

Additionally a new audio codec chip revision has been added to the approved vendor list as the current audio codec is being phased out. [Download PDF]
05/16/2011 PCN for the MX45GM industrial mini ITX motherboard.  This change involves changing the value of a capacitor to improve the compatibility of the MX45GM with a broader range of DC power sources. [Download PDF]
04/20/2011 PCN for the MX45GM2 Mini ITX industrial motherboard.  The changes include updating fuse circuitry to comply with the UL 2nd edition regulations and updating the bill of materials to add the new audio chip ALC886 due to the current audio chip ALC888 going end of life.  This audio chip change may require a driver update.

Please note the phase-in for these changes are expected for Q3-2011. [Download PDF]

02/02/2011 PCN for the BC45Q enterprise class industrial ATX motherboard.  This change encompasses changing a capacitor form factor to a low profile type to accommodate extended length PCI cards.  This is strictly a BOM and package change and does not impact the electrical functionality of this product.  This will be a running change. [Download Notice]
01/19/2011 PCN for the MX45GM Mini ITX industrial motherboard.  This change has been made to accommodate a wider selection on off-the-shelf mini ITX chassis by reducing the height of compact flash connector on the bottom of the MX45GM by switching to a low profile CF socket.  The change is mechanical only and does not affect the functionality,  BIOS or drivers or software images, or any certifications.  This will be a running change anticipated to take effect in Q2/2011. [Download Notice]

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