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2014 PCN Release Date and Information

Date Description
11/21/2014 Documentation change notice for the BI255-67QMD, BI255-255D, and BI260-87QD  to add best practice procedures into the instruction guide for using an AC Power Adapter for powering on and off the system 

DC Power On Instruction for Barebone
BI255/BI260 Accessory PCN
11/07/2014 Hardware and packaging product change notice (PCN) for the BCM MX1900J MX1900J PCN (PDF)
09/26/2014 BIOS PCN for the RX87Q to address a possible screen distortion issue when booting to a UEFI environment from a USB key as well as add compatibility with a broader range of PCIe cards RX87Q PCN (PDF)
08/28/2014 PCN for the BC35Q to fixes an intermittent LAN detection issue during a cold boot BC35Q PCN (PDF)
08/25/2014 PCN for the MX1900J to adjust of the On/Off timing for some chassis rocker switches MX1900J PCN (PDF)
08/05/2014 PCN for the RX87Q micro ATX motherboard.  This is a minor PCB change to correct the line out left and right channels being reversed. RX87Q PCN (PDF)
07/29/2014 PCN adding an additional cable accessory to the MX280NI in order to make it easier for customers to transition to the BCM MX280NI from a similar but competing product that will soon be obsolete. MX280NI PCN (PDF)
06/25/2014 Notice of Multi-Product BIOS Change BC87Q, RX87Q, MX87QD, MX81H PCN (PDF)
05/28/2014 PCN for changing the labeling on some BCM BI255 series and BI355 series barebone products. BI255 Series PCN (PDF)
05/13/2014 Pre-notice of a pending multi-product BIOS change that will be implemented approximately mid June 2014.  This change is being implemented to add support for the newest Haswell refresh CPUs, soon to be released, as well as Microsoft Windows 8.1.... Multi-Product BIOS Change PCN (PDF)
05/09/2014 PCN for the MX280NI to reflect its recent certification as a UL Recognized motherboard. MX280NI PCN (PDF)
04/18/2014 PCN for the BC77Q ATX motherboard.  This change adds a small strip of Mylar between the CPU socket lever handle and the BC77Q motherboard PCB to prevent accidental damage to the PCB during the CPU installation. BC77Q PCN (PDF)
04/16/2014 PCN for the RX67Q uATX motherboard to address a location issue. RX67Q PCN (PDF)
04/15/2014 PCN for the MX61H miniITX motherboard to increase compatibility with a broader range of 5V LVDS panels. MX61H PCN (PDF)
03/19/2014 H/W PCN for the MX87QD to reduce the capacitor height of select capacitors surrounding the CPU socket area to support wider profile CPU cooler assemblies. MX87QD PCN (PDF)
02/27/2014 PCN for the MX61H to adjust the brightness of the LAN indicator LED in the S5 power state. MX61H PCN (PDF)
02/05/2014 PCN for the MX81H to add boarder range of SSD storage support through the top miniPCIe connector (mSATA).  This change is estimated to be implemented on new orders placed on or after the mid-March 2014 timeframe. MX81H PCN (PDF)
01/23/2014 PCN for the BCM RX87Q micro-ATX industrial motherboard pre-releasing the AMI BIOS version for this product. RX87Q PCN (PDF)

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