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Product Change Notice (PCN)

Note: Please contact your local BCM representative if you have any questions about this PCN or would like more information about BCM’s industrial motherboards.

12/10/2015 Hardware PCN for the MX280NI regarding the updating of the approved vendor list (AVL) with two new MOSFET components to replace the current MOSFET components that have been announced end of life. View PCN
11/05/2015 BIOS PCN for the MX280NI mini-ITX correcting a typo within a BIOS menu selection field and addressing two compatibility issues. View PCN
08/14/2015 Hardware Product Change Notice for the BCM MX81H miniITX industrial motherboard. The change is to replace a component that has been announced end of life. This change will be phased in approximated in the 3rd quarter of 2016 View PCN
05/15/2015 System Product Change Notice for the BCM BI255-1900J barebones system changing the power adapter to be compliant with the new energy efficiency requirements due to take effect in early 2016 plus changing the screw type for the mini-PCIe socket for the MX1900J motherboard used in the barebone system View PCN
05/13/2015 Accessory change notice for the MX1900J Baytrail mini-ITX motherboard
View PCN
05/07/2015 PCN for the AR6MXQ NXP (Freescale) i.MX6 Quad Core SBC View PCN
05/05/2015 BIOS PCN for the RX87Q correcting a PS2 Keyboard function issue and adding SSD detection compatibility for a broader range of SSD types and manufacturers. View PCN
02/12/2015 MX1900J and BI255-1900J hardware change notice to remove an unused and non-functional component. View PCN
02/12/2015 MX87QD hardware product change notice to add compatibility with a broader range of 5V LVDS panels. View PCN
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BCM Advanced Research (BCM) is a leading developer and manufacturer of x86/ARM RISC embedded industrial motherboards and systems for ODMs and OEM that integrate computing technology into their products. We own a very strong R&D engineering team and operation department based in Southern California in order to provide prompt project develop support and instant problem solving assistance.