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AR6MXQ ARM Development Kit with 10" LCD
BCM AR6MXCS ultra-compact, cost-effective, and extended life-cycle i.MX6 ARM motherboard is available for shipping

VESA Mount

The BCM AR6MXCS is the perfect solution for OEMs looking for a cost effective, ARM based industrial and long-life single board computer (SBC). It is a full feature, ready to use, ultra-compact and fanless SBC powered by the onboard Freescale i.MX6 Cortex A9 Solo Core CPU enabling efficient development of smart devices with a balance between processing and graphics performance with competitive pricing. The AR6MXCS is a compact 4.7”x3” (120x78mm) form factor and it operates on 5V DC power. It is a palm size single board computer ready to use out of the box complete with either an Android or Linux BSP.

BCM also provides the AR6MXCS ARM Development Kit for OEMs looking to either test drive or quickly implement this solution with minimum effort and the highest probability for a successful out of box experience.

Rich I/O & Expansion

Although the AR6MXCS is an ultra-compact and low-profile design, it also provides broad spectrum of I/O interfaces including HDMI, LVDS, Mini PCIe for wireless connectivity, one Gigabit LAN, 4 USB, Micro USB, SIM card slot, uSD slot, RS232 serial, i2C, and CAN bus. These features meet most of the requirements for OEMs looking for a low power mobile computer motherboard in the industrial, medical, HMI, self service, and Internet of Things (IoT) markets.

VESA Mount


BCM has seen a broad interest from many different industries for customers looking for a cost effective, low power, long life, and good computing power SBC in applications such as touchscreen soft drink dispensers, portable medical equipment, sophisticated printing systems, and pump-top digital signage display systems. The AR6MXCS is also an ideal solution for applications that require mobility, low power consumption, space-constrained, and cost effectiveness.

Custom Design

In addition, the AR6MXCS is an ideal solution for cost sensitive OEMs looking for a ready to use embedded single board computer with extended life cycle that they can build their products around and ship for many years to come.  For customers who are interested in customizing AR6MXCS motherboard to fulfill your unique requirements, please contact BCMSales@bcmcom.com.

AR6MXCS Micro Board ARM Development Kit
AR6MXCS ARM Development Kit Features
  • Freescale® i.MX6 ARM Cortex A9 Solo Core 1.0 GHz onboard
  • 512 MB onboard DDR3 Memory
  • Low Power, Low Profile, Small Form Factor

  • AR6MXCS-DEV Kit includes:

    The development kit includes the following items and a 8GB uSD with pre-loaded Android or Linux OS

    • 1 x AR6MXCS motherboard
    • 1 x USB OTG Cable
    • 1 x 5V AC Adapter
    • 1 x USB to TTL Cable
    • 1 x 8GB MicroSD Card pre-loaded with Android or Linux OS

AR6MXCS: http://www.bcmcom.com/bcm_product_AR6MXCS.htm
Datasheet: http://www.bcmcom.com/product_spec/AR6MXCS.pdf

AR6MXCS-DEV: http://www.bcmcom.com/bcm_product_AR6MXCS-DEV.htm
Datasheet: http://www.bcmcom.com/product_spec/AR6MXCS-DEV.pdf 

The AR6MXCS is now available for shipping. The development kits are available for purchase through BCM eStore. For distributors please contact your BCM representative for pricing information. For other customers or inquiries, please contact BCMSales@bcmcom.com.

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