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What can a PPC19W-45GM Industrial Grade Panel PC do for you? Introducing the PPC19W-45GM and its Infinite Applications
BCM announced the launch of our PPC19W-45GM Panel PC last month. We are pleased to discuss more about what applications may be suited for this multi-purpose panel PC.

Reminder - The Features of the PPC19W-45GM Panel PC

The System

The PPC19W-45GM is a 19” WXGA wide screen with optional touch and it features the Intel® Mobile GM45 Express Chipset with integrated Intel® Graphic Media Accelerator 4500MHD delivering 3D and powerful graphics performance. It also provides dual display via HDMI/DVI/VGA output, built-in HD speakers, dual Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi ready, VESA mountable installation, and user friendly easy access interfaces. This product is FCC, CE, and UL certified as both a system and barebone (for select OEMs) and will be ready for mass production in Q2, 2010.

The Look and the Installation
Unlike most industrial panel PC units designed for the shop floor, the PPC19W-45GM offers a much softer and elegant look suitable for a non-factory environment yet maintains the features of extended lifecycle and revision control as required by majority of embedded applications.  The size of the 19 inch wide screen panel design is unique among other panel PC suppliers. The ultra-slim design is only 2.75” thick comparable to typical LCD monitors and the plastic finish supports a high gloss finish. The PPC19W-45GM is compatible with standard 100x100mm VESA mountable devices. The Panel PC is operated via DC power through the DC-in connector. A 19V AC to DC adapter and an anti-wobble desktop stand are included in the standard packaging. For more  detailed product specifications, please visit http://www.bcmcom.com/bcm_product_PPC19W-45GM.htm?PPC19W0410.

BCM Advanced Research - An Industry Leader Since 1990 in Industrial Motherboards & Systems
So, where and what type of applications can a PPC19W-45GM be applied?

High-end Casino – serves as the hotel check-in portal and the in-room self service workstation for the executive suites.

Today newer technologies are rapidly changing the world we live in as well as the expectation that such technology will be common place in many of our everyday encounters.  Of course, touch panels have steadily become a part of the gaming industry with many modern casinos upgrading their facilities and services in order to attract more and more domestic and international guests. BCM’s PPC19W-45GM can be used in many aspects in casinos due to its sleek and elegant look and space-saving wall mountable (via VESA mount) design. It can serve as a hotel check-in/check-out Kiosk, and information portal, a player tracking interface,  or as an elegant POS terminal at a cosmopolitan  club, bar, or casino restaurant.

Besides the Kiosk and POS, the panel PC can be used installed in executive hotel rooms and suites as a multi-functional in-room self-service kiosk where guests can do many things without leaving their rooms. With PPC19W-45GM installed in each room, a guest can place the orders of room services; check out the show schedules and book the tickets; check-in/check-out hotel rooms or check-in their airlines; surfing on the internet or check email without having to use the equipment in hotel’s business center. The PPC19W-45GM supports high graphics performances. An optional slim CD/DVD drive is provided for guest/kids to play their own video games or movies. Moreover the guests may be able to play the casino games in their rooms through the interactive Kiosk.

Game Shops or Gaming Kiosk in a bookstore/retail stores - 3D or Advanced Gaming Kiosk

The PPC19W-45GM supports the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processors and the front side bus up to 1066 MHz.  Its Intel® GM45 Express Chipset integrates Intel® Graphic Media Accelerator 4500MHD to support complicate 3D contents to deliver powerful graphics performance. The PPC19W-45GM provides dual display feature via external HDMI, DVI and VGA interfaces. With this combination, the PPC19W-45GM can be used as a 3D gaming Kiosk where customers can preview the contents of 3D PC games or 3D movies on one monitor while interacting with the other panel to browse the list of gaming products or rent/purchase the DVD and its related peripheral merchandise through simple touches.
BCM Advanced Research - An Industry Leader Since 1990 in Industrial Motherboards & Systems
Other Applications

The PPC19W-45GM panel PC can also be used as a interactive digital directory Kiosk in the shopping centers which allows shoppers to check the store locations, store hours and phone numbers, and even book a reservation for a restaurant online. It can also serve as a Point of Sale for those small shops in the center island of the mall where their counter space is limited.

Another application for the  PPC19W-45GM panel PC is the waiting room Kiosk in the physician’s office or emergency room where patients can register at check-in saving time and money.  The office can educate the patients by providing interactive lessens/tests/games/facilities/services for patients to learn through the Kiosk while they are waiting to be called.

The PPC19W-45GM can installed on the rack or walls in the supermarket at multiple departments such as the deli, meat/seafood, beverage, bakery, and pharmacy allowing customers to check the store promotions, find product locations, check price or place deli orders while shopping for other groceries.

The PPC19W-45GM is a multi-featured panel PC that can serve a broad range of applications in different markets.  It is an industrial grade panel PC, i.e. long lifecycles, 24/7 operations, strict revision control, yet with consumer oriented design in terms of look, user friendliness and safety considerations.  If you are interested in learning more about this product or pursuing a different custom design panel PC project, please contact us at BCMSales@bcmcom.com or visit our website at www.bcmcom.com.
About BCM
BCM Advanced Research, an Intel® Embedded Alliance member, is one of the world leading suppliers of the long life industrial motherboards & systems. We specialize in designing and manufacturing Custom Motherboards for industrial markets including gaming (slot and lottery machines, player tracking systems, hand-held devices, jackpot display systems), retailing (Point of Sales (POS), ATM, self-serve Kiosk, digital signages, Panel PC), industrial (industrial control, automation) and medical segments. We also offer off-the-shelf products from palm size small form factor to desktop motherboards – 3.5”/5.25” EBC, Nano ITX, Mini ITX, mATX and ATX.

BCM owns a very strong R&D engineering team and RMA department based in Southern California in order to provide prompt project developing and instant problem solving assistance. We are able to provide low volume manufacturing services with customer’s requirements. Our sourcing and logistic professionals are here as well to provide quality but cost effective building materials for production with efficient inventory control. BCM is ISO certified. Our products are design to perform 24/7/365 operation and are covered at least 12 months warranty.

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