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10 inch Semi Rugged Tablet Intel Atom Z3735G Quad Core

Turn BCM’s OFT-7”/10”/15”/21” Open Frame Tablets into complete systems by designing your own plastic enclosure or using BCM’s in-house custom design and manufacturing services to do it for you

Looking for a slick, tablet-like, cost effective, quick time-to-market PCAP touch-panel computer solution? BCM's OFT (open frame tablet) series of products are the ideal solution to attractively mold a touch computer interface into your product design reducing design cost and speeding time to market. We provide the OFT 3D drawing files and whether you take the finished plastic enclosure design in-house or utilize BCM’s custom ODM design services, you are well on your way to integrating a modern multi-touch display computer into your product in a fraction of time and cost of starting from scratch. BCM’s Intel Atom Z3735F Quad Core based OFT series were introduced late last year. Customers are finding their totally complete feature set, compliance certification, attractive price point, and easy to implement open frame design a perfect solution to bolt onto their products and provide an attractive and complete computer/touch interface . Understanding how simple it is to create a finished product by wrapping a plastic skin around the OFT opens up many new possibilities to integrate this product series into your OEM devices. For more information regarding our OFT Series of products please contact

7/10/15/21 incg Open Frame Tablet Custom Plastic Enclosure
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Founded in 1990, BCM, an Associate member of Intel IoT Alliance and an NXP Proven Partner, has been a key supplier of turn-key embedded computing solutions to retail, gaming, healthcare, hospitality, medical equipment, and industrial automation applications for well over two decades. Our long life industrial grade computing platforms support digital applications in many aspects including multiple screen sizes and performance levels while delivering holistic BOM control, extended lifecycle, and a stable compute platform you can build your digital products around. BCM’s Southern CA based R&D and PM teams provide fast paced and innovative ODM service with leading technology to meet most customer requirements while our manufacturing, global sourcing, and logistic teams work together to bring the most cost effective and highest quality solutions to our customers. For more information, please visit:

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