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BCM is promoted to Proven Partner by Freescale Semiconductor for demonstrating its design capabilities in delivering multiple i.MX6 series ARM products to market in 2013
BCM is promoted to Proven Partner by Freescale Semiconductor

BCM Advanced Research, a worldwide provider of long life embedded CPU boards and systems, has been promoted to Proven Partner by Freescale® Semiconductor for demonstrating its robust design and manufacturing capabilities using Freescale’s i.MX6 family of ARM processors. Since 1990 BCM has been providing custom and off-the-shelf CPU boards and embedded systems solutions to top OEMs in market segments such as medical, industrial automation, retail, gaming & lottery, security, digital media, test & measurement, and transportation market segments.

Freescale’s Proven Partner is an endorsement of BCM’s ability to support its OEM customers with Freescale iMX ARM processor products and custom board designs. It gives customers the confidence to take advantage of BCM’s complete turn-key custom OEM/ODM design services for i.MX series motherboards and systems that effectively provide OEMs with reduced project risk and lower development and product costs while accelerating time to market. “We are proud to see that Freescale has recognized our efforts to making i.MX technology a viable BCM solution to our customers by promoting us to Proven Partner”, said Tom Skibinski, VP of Sales and Marketing at BCM. “This recognition gives our customers the same confidence to move forward with BCM using Freescale technology that they have learned to expect from BCM with other technologies over the last 20 years. We think there are many more OEMs out there that are looking for a quality ODM design and manufacturing partner for Freescale technology and being a Proven Partner is certainly going to help them find BCM” added Skibinski.

The benefits of working with a Freescale Proven Partner are many. First, Proven Partners obtain new product and technology releases from Freescale with early access to silicon and documentation. This speeds time-to-market for customers looking to stay ahead of the technology curve. Second, engaging with an experienced and credentialed design partner will lower development costs and reduce development risks allowing projects to launch on-time, on-budget, and according to specification. It removes the time consuming and expensive internal learning curve allowing customers to focus their valuable internal engineering resources on their core products and IP. Third, it allows OEM’s to benefit from the Proven Partner’s design efficiencies and economies of scale often resulting in a lower unit costs to go along with the engineering design cost savings and reduced design risks. A Proven Partner really is the answer to the proverbial “Make vs Buy” question.

BCM’s latest ARM products include the AR6MXS single board computer (SBC) based on the Freescale® ARM Cortex™-A9 with a single core processor or the quad core version  AR6MXQ provides OEMs with an excellent off-the-shelf SBC solution ready for integration into their own products and systems.  For customers that prefer the module form factor  approach,  BCM offers a SMARC Module, SMA-IMX6,  with quad core and 4GB eMMC onboard with an optional full featured carrier board for testing the module.  BCM also offers a turn-key touch panel PC system using both i.MX6  and the Freescale® ARM Cortex™-A8 (i.MX515) platform providing a fanless 10.1 inch touch screen computer running on DC power. 

For customers looking to test drive BCM’s i.MX products BCM provides an AR6MXS-DEV ARM Development Tool Kit This development kit is designed to create the highest probability of a successful out of box experience. The kit includes everything needed to boot to the target O/S (Linux or Android) by simply connecting a monitor and plugging in power. This kit is available in both Solo Core and Quad Core Versions. An industrial grade Type 6 SD card is included preloaded with Android 4.0.4 or Linux Ubuntu operating system and a developer console cable is also included.  For turn-key testing with an LCD touch display BCM  offers a 10" Touch LCD & Enclosure Development Kit.  These kits provide an ideal platform to test performance and scalability prior to moving forward with one of BCM’s standard i.MX products or engaging in BCM’s quick-turn custom design services for a feature-specific product design for qualifying OEMs.  

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