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ODM Custom Design


We are a professional, high-tech, and highly experienced company, providing both standard products and custom design services for industrial/embedded motherboards and turn-key computing systems for qualifying OEMs.

Our custom/ODM design process is proven and process oriented. We make it incredibly easy for customers to engage with reasonable NREs and project size requirements. Our goal for every ODM engagement is not only meeting your specification, but reducing your design time, design cost, and design risk. Please scroll below for more details on how we can be the ODM partner you have been looking for.

Products We Design

We design high-quality and long lifecycle industrial motherboards and embedded computing solutions.

Industrial Motherboards

Industrial Motherboards

  • Intel x86 Platform
  • NXP, Rockchip ARM (RISC) Platform
  • Custom Form Factors
  • Standard Form Factors includes mini-ITX, uATX, ATX, COMe Module, 3.5 in SBC, QSeven, SMARC Module, carrier boards

Barebone Computer

Industrial Computers

  • Fanless ultra compact BOX PC
  • Ruggedized BOX PC
  • Fanless Ultra Compact BOX PC
  • Heavy-duty steel / aluminum chassis and enclosures
  • Thermal simulation test for chassis to work with our industrial motherboards

Open Frame Tablet

Open Frame Panel PC

  • Industrial grade all-in-one panel PC
  • HMI interface, open frame panel computers with touch screen
  • 7"/10"/15"/21"/24" LCD size
  • Scalable performance, I/O
  • Semi-Rugged Tablet
  • Plastics housing and tooling
  • Mounting design

Custom POS

Turnkey Metal or Plastic Systems

  • Mechanical & ID Design including CAD drawing, 3D modeling, Thermal simulations
  • Examples such as retail POS, interactive kiosk, medical & automotive tablets, vehicle mounted systems, self-service HMIs and more

Types of Custom Design

At BCM, we are experts at custom designing computer-based products and have been doing so since our inception in 1990. Whether our customers are looking for a modified standard product, or a full turn-key custom design starting from a concept, we have the expertise and the capabilities to deliver a design that meets the specification, speeds time-to-market, while at the same time reducing design risk and design cost.

Customized Motherboard

Full Custom Design

This would be a ground-up design for a motherboard or system starting from a customer concept, spec, or drawing, and usually based on a technology that BCM is already designing into its standard products. Typical ODM motherboard designs may include a non-standard form factor, specialized I/O, FPGA implementation, or integrating a customer’s IP onto the custom computer board for cost or integration optimization. For ODM systems, it may include metal chassis design, or coming up with an ID design for a plastic housing, tooling, battery design, touch screen implementation, integrating other PCBAs such as a light bar or custom I/O, or memory, CPU, and storage configuration.

Semi-Customized Motherboard

Semi-Customized Motherboards

Customize one of our standard off-the-shelf products by adding or removing components or features to limit user access to some ports or remove ports that are not part of the final product. Using a standard product as a building block for a semi-custom solution reduces time-to-market and can cut development costs.

Semi-Customized Systems

Semi-Customized Systems

Whether you need a quick system solution based on one of our standard motherboards, either a metal enclosure or adding a plastic back cover to one of our open frame tablet products, semi-customizing a system with BCM is easy and fast. For qualifying projects, BCM can also fully configure one of our existing barebones systems to add logos, labeling, memory, CPU, storage, or an operating system.

ODM Custom Design Process

We design quality and extended-lifecycle industrial motherboards and embedded computing systems. We have a proven design cycle methodology that covers each step of the custom design process from concept to production. Our goal is to complete the project on time and on budget through a step-by-step approach with predetermined time allocations for each stage and checkpoints to minimize schedule slips or specification and budget deviations.

Examples of Applications Using Our Products

From small hand-held mobile device to large scale industrial machines, we have been in production for our customers across many different market segments. You’ll find our products in devices you encounter daily including self-serve kiosks, vending machines, POS, fitness equipment, video conferencing, 3D printers, security surveillance, medical equipment, airport x-ray scanners, digital signage, slot machines and automated lottery terminals.

Our Facilities & Factories

Our US location has 25,000 square feet of office, lab, and warehouse space and is located in Irvine, California. Here we have large engineering and project management teams dedicated to supporting our North American OEMs with an industry best level of professional service to complement our larger engineering team in Taiwan. The Irvine facility has its own laboratory, testing equipment, environmental chambers, and repair center with additional staff members in our Sales, Marketing, Operations, QA, and Customer Service departments.

We own our manufacturing facilities which are ISO 9000, 14001, 13485 (medical device), and TS 16949 (automotive electronics) certified, capable of producing industrial motherboards, computer based systems, panel PCs, and providing turn-key contract manufacturing services for our customer-designed PCBAs and system assemblies.

Our Strengths

With almost three decades of OEM/ODM computing design and manufacturing experience, our success as an ODM partner is evident in the companies we do business with and our track record of repeatedly winning new designs within those companies. The strengths we bring to the ODM customer relationships include:

Your One Stop Shop

Customers define product requirements and specifications, we do design, sourcing, manufacturing production, QC, QA and strategic logistic.

Professional R&D Team

We are proud to have 30 in-house R&D and experienced project management team here locally based in Irvine, Southern California and over 100 worldwide.

Intel & NXP Partner

These partnerships enable us to get early access of new processor platforms, leveraging the latest technologies to help our clients stay ahead of their competitors.

Competitive Design Fees

We have flexible volume manufacturing requirements and competitive engineering design fees. Please contact BCM Sales team for details.

Markets Our Products are Designed For

Medical & Healthcare
Audio & Visual
Transportation & Others

About Us

BCM is a supplier of turn-key industrial motherboards and embedded computing solutions for well over two decades. Our Southern CA based R&D and PM teams provide fast paced and innovative ODM service with leading technology to meet most customer requirements while our manufacturing, global sourcing, and logistic teams work together to bring the most cost effective and highest quality solutions to our customers.


BCM Advanced Research
11 Chrysler, Irvine, CA, USA