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2016 PCN Release Date and Information

Date Description
11/21/2016 PCN for MX110HD for shortening the pigtail type coin battery cable by bundling it with a cable tie wrap. View PCN

PCN for adhering the pigtail coin battery to the MX1900J motherboard to improve its adhesiveness. View PCN

11/14/2016 Pre-notice of a pending multi-product BIOS change that will be implemented approximately in Q2/2017.  This change is being implemented to add support for the newest Kaby Lake CPUs on our current Skylake industrial motherboards.

BCM is committed to always providing the latest and most updated technology to our customers on any given product platform.  Although we try to avoid major changes as much as possible once a product is launched, when a significant technology enhancement such as this one becomes available so close after the initial launch of a new product we are compelled to make it available for the benefit of all customers.  The estimated release date for these new BIOS is late Q1/2017.  

Multi-Product BIOS Change PCN (MX170QD, MX110H, RX170Q, RX110H, MX110HD): BCM_Multi-Product_Skylake_PCN_for_Kaby_Lake_Processor_Support_Pre Notice_PCN B164501.pdf
08/31/2016 Hardware and packaging product change notice for the MX170QD industrial motherboard.  These changes are to comply with regulatory labeling requirements pertaining to the transport of products containing Lithium batteries as well as a BOM modification to add the option to enable the deep sleep power state mode S5. 
View PCN
08/25/2016 In order to comply with the latest product labeling regulatory requirements for shipping products with a Lithium battery installed, please find the attached packaging change notice from BCM covering multiple products.  This label is required to make transporters aware that the contents they are transporting do contain Lithium batteries.  This notification may result in the transporter requesting additional data for goods that will require air transport.  View PCN
08/15/2016 Firmware and packaging product change notice for the MX3160N mini-ITX motherboard. These changes include firmware updates for the LVDS and USB 3.0 to enhance compatibility with a greater range of displays and peripherals as well has updating the package and labeling to comply with the latest regulatory requirements.View PCN
08/12/2016 Product Change Notice for the MX1900J BI255-1900J barebones system.  This change is to add an additional retention mechanism to the CPU heatsink. View PCN
07/11/2016 Product Change Notice for the MX87QD mini-itx motherboard.  This change is to improve the convenience for customer to plug in the processor’s cooler by changing from battery socket to battery with wire. View PCN
05/26/2016 Hardware PCN for MX170QD. This change is to make the M.2 connectors insertion angle more convenient for inserting M.2 cards View PCN
05/16/2016 Product Change Notice for the MX280NI motherboard. This change is to increase compatibility with LVDS display panels that may require more current. View PCN
03/01/2016 Product Change Notice for the MX3150N mini-itx motherboard. Intel Celeron N3150 processor will undergo a stepping change and be renamed N3160. The N3150 will be discontinued at the same time. View PCN
02/12/2016 BIOS product change notification for the BCM MX280NI mini-ITX motherboard. This BIOS change is to improve performance for the Linux Ubuntu 14.04.2 operating system. View PCN

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